Other cities in England


Stonehenge – the mysterious and striking the imagination of the Bronze Age monument, preserved in Europe. Until now, no one can unravel the mystery of his appearance and purpose, but countless generations of people all over the world flock to their eyes to the sky towering monoliths, hoping to get back in time.

Bath – according to ancient legend, the city was founded by the father of King Lear. You can take a stroll through the city with its magnificent architecture, due to which the town was named in 1987, the monument of world history, and uviditeBathAbbey PulteneyBridge and visit the Roman Baths RomanBaths 18th century, which is now considered one of the wonders of the world. In addition, you will have the opportunity to wander the streets of the ancient city and experience the atmosphere of peace decent English in a variety of cafes, shops and retail stores.

Duration – in full day: 8-9 hours


Duration – Standard: 6 hours, with the full day: 8-9 hours

The town of Oxford is home to both the custodian of one of Europe’s oldest universities – the University of Oxford. The best university in the UK, according to a regular ratings, is an international educational and research center. The history of academic education is calculated for centuries – the first university was founded in 1133, and the largest university in the city, ChristChurch, was founded by Henry VIII in 1546.

Here you can stroll among the magnificent collection of medieval colleges, with their own churches, halls and enclosed courtyards. The buildings and streets, meadows and groves, the school wizards Harry Potter, and Alice’s Wonderland. In medieval colleges as if time has stopped, but still running gay student, many of whom are lucky to study here. Among them at one time have great poets, writers, scientists, political leaders, members of royal families from different countries, English Primiero ministers, the American President and the Japanese emperor.

The oldest library in England, the first botanical garden in the UK, designed to study the plants, the oldest museum in the country and Art Gallery, the most – the most …. this is what determines the city in a wonderful combination of ancient and modern, and attracts millions of tourists from around the world.


Duration – Standard: 6 hours, with the full day: 8-9 hours

Blenheim Palace – the estate of the family of the Dukes of Marlborough, built in the 18th century, in a rare architectural style – English Baroque. Blenheim is the only estate that has a title and not part of the Palace of the Queen. This palace was the epitome of land with gratitude of the nation, its commander – the first Duke of Marlborough John Churchill, for the victory over the French. So far, this estate is the family home of Marlborough and historical monument British victory at Blenheim.

At Blenheim Palace was born descendant of the first Duke of Winston Churchill, the British prime minister, who held the country through the terrible years of the Second World War. In several rooms of the palace is an exhibition devoted to the life of Churchill. You will have the opportunity not only to visit the richly decorated rooms of the palace, but also explore the surrounding landscaped park and gardens. Here you will find the perfect rose garden, and the classic Italian garden, and a garden with water terraces, oval ponds, fountains and statues. You will have the opportunity to walk paths “Secret Garden”, to use a miniature railroad or get lost and try to find a way out of the maze of green.


Duration – Standard: 6 hours, with the full day: 8-9 hours

Stratford-upon-Avon (Stratford-upon-Avon) was founded in 1196 and was once a fairly large shopping center. Now this is a real open-air museum, a place where was born the famous English poet William Shekspir.Na river stands the Church of the Holy Trinity (Holy Trinity Church), which was baptized and married the great poet, and where his remains rest. Up to now perfectly preserved house where Shakespeare was born. Guide happy to tell you about each of the rooms of the house. Interior of the house is presented in the same form as it looked in the 1570’s. In the garden of the house a lot of plants mentioned by Shakespeare in his works.

Also preserved the school building, where he studied Shakespeare and the house in which was born and lived his wife, Anne Hathaway. In addition, the huge interest is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Harvard House, owned by the family of John Harvard, the founder of Harvard University.

It is absolutely charming typical English town, located in the heart of England, and has come down to us almost intact since the Middle Ages. Here are preserved almost all the wooden houses of 15-16 centuries, relating to a particular style – white plastered wall with interlacing darkened by time, wooden beams and floors.